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Western Australia - Welcome to Paradise

When the cold season slowly sets in and the summer temperatures recede, instead foggy conditions including the first morning frost set in, one longs for the next holiday. Anyone who can afford to travel long distances in winter should think about Western Australia.

Australia – around the world

If you want to go to Australia, you have to bring a lot of time with you - and some money wouldn't go amiss either. Because taking a trip there basically means to circumnavigate the world completely. The journey alone will take at least a full day. But once you're there, you want to stay. That's for sure. While people start to freeze in our latitudes, down under there is more than just cozy warm temperatures. The Australian summer is fast approaching. And that is considered dry and hot. This is no different in the west of the continent. The big difference to the east is that this is hardly populated. Perth may be a big city with 1.7 million inhabitants, but pure tranquility awaits you between the cities in the west. Even more so when you consider that just 2 million people live on the entire west coast. And because the distances between the cities and the sights are quite large, you should definitely be traveling with a mobile home. A camper is ideal for this. This means independence from motels, hotels and other hostels. The everyday search for accommodation is no longer necessary. You can concentrate entirely on the holiday and get involved with the country and its people.

A tour of Western Australia

Australia is huge. And the area of ​​Western Australia is still gigantic. Perhaps too big for an "ordinary" holiday that is over after a few weeks. That is why we present a possible itinerary that will be appreciated by many. It runs through Western Australia, in this case from Perth south to Margret River. Not much needs to be said about Perth. It is an ultra-modern metropolis with a high standard, incredible cultural offerings, lively nightlife and everything that goes with it. A longer stay is definitely appropriate. Then it's off into the wild nature of the "Wildflower States". On the way south you should stay in the coastal area. Firstly, this is heavenly beautiful, secondly, Busselton is on the route. Do not you know? The almost 2 km long pier called Busselton Jetty maybe. Also recommended stops are in Bunbury (here is the famous Cappuccino Strip) and of course Margret River, the center of a much appreciated and highly acclaimed wine country. From there you can continue the journey as you wish. Either east along the coast or a little further inland and north – towards the outback. No matter in which direction you continue your tour - an exciting journey awaits you!

Route Suggestions
We have compiled a selection of route suggestions supporting you to plan your trip. Australia you can explore ideally with a motorhome, campervan, 4x4 bushcamper, or camper-van. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will receive our vehicle selection for the selected route.
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