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Discover Japan with a motorhome - Camping in Japan, is it possible? Yes it is and will be an unforgettable experience. … Traveling through Japan by campervan is practically something for individualists and families with children. This country offers many different facets, from tradition, modernity, untouched landscapes to the skyscraper cities - there is everything your heart desires.

Japan - General

Japan is the land of the rising sun and has a lot to offer. More than 6800 islands together make up the fourth largest island state in the world in terms of area. In addition to the skyscraper metropolis Tokyo, far away from the capital, there are relaxing, meditative landscapes with partly snow-capped mountains and untouched nature. Beautiful Buddhist temples dating back to ancient times and richly decorated shrines hide between rose-red blooming cherry trees. The traditionally landscaped gardens are great for strolling, pure deceleration. Sushi and sake are just as much a part of Japanese culture as the polite and courteous way of dealing with one another. If you do not speak the Japanese language, it can sometimes lead to communication problems in the country, but the friendly and patient nature of the Japanese will always get you where you want to be.

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The travel website Lonely Planet Japan provides more detailed information.

The following Travel Guide contains more information about Japan.

Japan - Camping

There are hardly any campsites as we are used to in Europe or North America. Rather, there are a large number of “michi no eki”, so-called motorway service stations. These are very easy to reach, they are not far from thoroughfares. There are plenty of free parking spaces and no reservations are required. The sanitary facilities are in an absolutely clean top condition, only showers are (still) in short supply at such rest stops. Perhaps it would be an advantage here to go to a suitable rest area to which an onsen (thermal bath) is also connected. Of the Onsen is the traditional Japanese way of personal hygiene, the Japanese spend a lot of time there, it is like a daily ritual as most of the apartments do not have a shower / bath. All in all, perhaps a slightly different type of camping than we are used to in our latitudes, but no less exciting, Japanese ...

The following Camping Guide provides a list of camping sites.

Japan - Nature

Japan is a diverse, beautiful country with, among other things, untouched nature. There is everything your heart desires, volcanoes, hot sulfur springs, dream beaches with surf waves. As with us, there are four seasons that differ greatly in terms of weather and climate. Spring with the legendary cherry blossom festival is an absolute highlight. The summer gets quite hot and there is a high level of humidity, accordingly there is often thunderstorm-like precipitation, but this does not last long. The autumn season enchants the country with a very special atmosphere with the coloring of the leaves. In winter, only the die-hard campers should visit the country to spend their holidays there. Except perhaps in the southern part of Japan, it is icy cold, snowy and slippery roads. In our opinion, the best travel time is from the end of March to the end of June.

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Route Suggestions
We have compiled a selection of route suggestions supporting you to explore Japan with a motorhome or campervan. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will be given the vehicle selection for the selected tour route.
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