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world Germany – General

Germany has many different regions and shares borders with nine European countries. The northern third of the country lies in the North European Plain, with flat terrain crossed by northward-flowing watercourses and marsh conditions are found close to the Dutch border and along the Frisian Coast. Sandy Mecklenburg in the northeast has many glacier-formed lakes. Moving south, central Germany features rough and somewhat patternless hilly and mountainous countryside. Southern Germany’s landforms are defined of the Swabian and Franconian Alb, Bavarian and Black Forest.

nature Germany – Nature

Germany can be subdivided into 2 eco regions. European-Mediterranean montane mixed forests and Northeast-Atlantic shelf marine. The majority of Germany is covered by either arable land (33%) or forestry and woodland (31%), only 15% is covered by permanent pastures. The National Parks in Germany include Wadden Sea, Jasmund, Vorpommern Lagoon Area, Müritz, Lower Oder Valley, Harz, Saxon Switzerland and the Bavarian Forest National Park. Germany is known for its many zoological gardens, wildlife parks, aquaria and bird parks. Zoologischer Garten Berlin is the oldest zoo in Germany and presents the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

camping Germany – Camping

Campgrounds are available throughout the country. There are different kind of campgrounds: very basic with no facilities, with fresh water and electricity or “Full Hook-Up”:  electricity, fresh water, grey- and black water. Dumping: with a “Full Hook-Up” directly on the site, otherwise on the central dumping station of the campground or on central dumping stations in the city or at certain gas stations. Rates are approx. EUR 24-45. During high season, we recommend to pre reserve popular sites.


Soon you will find here some road suggestions, which will help you putting together your itinerary for your travels to Germany.

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  • Eastern Germany - magical Baltic Sea and historic baroque buildings - 22 days - from/to Berlin

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  • Bavarias pearl - 16 days - from/to Munich

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Hamburg/Lübeck/Bremen/Hannover – starting point for travels in northern Germany or even for travels to Scandinavia – Berlin/Potsdam/Dresden/Leipzig – gateway to explore the eastern part of Germany and along the Elbe – Düsseldorf/Cologne/Dortmund – starting point for travels along the Rhine and Moselle – Frankfurt/Mannheim/Stuttgart/Karlsruhe – starting point for travels along the Rhine and Main and to the Black Forest – Munich/Nürnberg/Augsburg/Friedrichshafen – gateway for travels in the southern part or along the Danube