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Discover Namibia, the cradle of mankind with a motorhome, campervan, 4x4 safari camper or off-road camper with a roof tent. We offer a wide range of all vehicle categories. Let our specialists advise you. Competent, fair prices and reliability are our credo.

Namibia - General

Namibia is a state in southwestern Africa, which is shaped by the Namib desert along its Atlantic coast. Namibia has a diverse fauna with a considerable cheetah population. In the capital Windhoek and the coastal town of Swakopmund there are German colonial buildings such as Windhoek's Christ Church from 1907. In the north is the Etosha National Park, whose salt pan attracts numerous wild animals such as rhinos and giraffes.

Follow Global Petrol Prices for Namibia for current prices of gas and diesel.

The travel website Lonely Planet Namibia provides more detailed information.

Namibia - Camping

Namibia offers beautiful camping resorts as well as simple campsites without great luxury. However, camping in the wilderness of Namibia is an adventure in itself.

The following Camping Guide provides a list of camping sites.

Namibia - Nature

The landscapes in Namibia are spectacular - sheer endless desert areas, wild Atlantic shores, dense forests, huge savannas and lush floodplain landscapes make up the magic of the country in southern Africa. Elephants, antelopes, cheetahs, zebras, lions and the cute meerkats are at home in these varied landscapes.

Get more information in this Guide to National Parks in Namibia.

The guide Kruger National Park provides more information about national parks in Namibia.

Route Suggestions
We have put together a selection of route suggestions to help you explore Namibia with a motorhome, 4x4 off-road-camper or Safari-camper. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will receive the vehicle selection for the selected travel route. 4x4 off-road-camper rental in Botswana - made easy.
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