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Zimbabwe - Africa's wild nature is calling!

Zimbabwe is a vacation destination for adventurers. Despite poverty, people are grateful and friendly, especially hospitable. Whoever comes here, in the vast majority of cases, comes because of the climate and the associated vegetation, which is a shelter for many animal species. Let's take a closer look at the details.

Climate, country and people

The climate in Zimbabwe is subtropical to tropical, offers hot and humid summers and dry winters that are still pleasantly warm. The rainy season should be avoided. It extends from November to March.

The country is roughly the size of Germany combined with Belgium and has a population of 13 million. The country borders South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique, is home to bodies of water that take up 10% of the country and also mountains that are stately over 2,500 meters high. The national parks such as Nyanga National Park, Mana Pools National Park and Victoria Falls National Park are particularly worth seeing. For the sake of completeness we want to mention the largest cities. These are the capital Harare, Bulawayo and Chitungwiza.

The vegetation (dry savannah) is dominated by Miombo and Mopane forests. Here you will also find the famous baobab and liver sausage trees. The grass of the savannah grows up to two meters high at the end of the rainy season and is therefore the basis of food and protection for many animal species.

The country is Christian throughout. Believe it or not, they speak 16 official languages ​​here. Accordingly, you can look forward to a colorful mix of all kinds of cultures when you travel here.

A travel camper is perhaps the best way to travel to Zimbabwe. Hotels and the like are in short supply in many areas. Inquire about travel experiences in various forums and inquire about the current situation at motorist clubs or the embassy. If you are well prepared, you will experience an unforgettable vacation that you will never forget.

Route Suggestions
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