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Globetrotters watch out! Anyone who thinks they have seen and discovered almost everything, who has crossed the USA and Canada from east to west, who has visited Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina or Chile in South America or has already made a few trips through Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia and any dream islands such as the Maldives, which Seychelles or Mauritius has already seen, has extensively traveled to China, Japan or even India and is again looking for a destination outside Europe, could find it here: In Namibia!

The south of Africa has it all

The Republic of Namibia is located between Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, borders the Atlantic Ocean and is named after the Namib desert, probably the oldest desert in the world. Many natural beauties meet here. The ruthless Kalahari borders Namibia in the east, the Oranje (Orange River) forms it on the southern border. The country is characterized by drought and many highland plains. Not a single one of the many rivers has water all year round. The capital Windhoek is around 1,700 meters above sea level. Overall, the country is twice the size of Germany, but only has around 2 million inhabitants. This fact alone shows that the living conditions here are quite harsh. And for you as an adventure holidaymaker, that is precisely what makes it so attractive. The average climate is hot and dry, but this is not the case in all parts of the country. In the Namib desert, for example, warm wind blows more or less continuously, which keeps temperatures rising above 25 degrees even in winter. But be careful. Temperatures can drop by over 20 degrees within hours. It is quite possible that you will work up a sweat during the day and shiver at night in the frost. The climate in the Kalahari is similar, although you can expect precipitation here more often. On the Atlantic coast, on the other hand, it is pleasantly cool in the summer months, and often foggy. The reason for this is the cold Benguela Current that flows by here. The Caprivi Strip is home to a subtropical savannah forest, which thrives very well thanks to the mostly reliable rainfall in the rainy season. But that's not all of the different climatic regions - the central highlands of Namibia experience the so-called summer rain every year. This is irregular, but is sometimes very lush. You have to expect it between November and April. You should take this into account when you travel.

Fascinating travel destinations in Namibia

If you travel to Namibia, you should definitely rely on an air-conditioned four-wheel drive vehicle. Take your time. At least 15 days would be good. The start and finish would be Windhoek, for example. From here you can explore the Kalahari, the Fish River Canyon, Lüderitz, the imposing and world's highest dunes in Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, the Skeleton Coast or the amazing Etosha National Park. This route covers about 3,000 km and offers adventure, solitude and a lot of nature. Namibia is spot on if you want to discover something “completely new”. For more information and further route suggestions, please click here.

Route Suggestions
We have put together a selection of route suggestions to help you explore Namibia with a motorhome, 4x4 off-road-camper or Safari-camper. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will receive the vehicle selection for the selected travel route. 4x4 off-road-camper rental in Botswana - made easy.
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