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Rent a motorhome, campervan, 4x4 safari camper, off-road camper or roof tent camper in South Africa - the breathtaking nature and diversity enchants the visitor

Discover metropolises like Cape Town and Johannesburg, the endless expanses, enchanting coastal roads up to the Cape of Good Hope with your moving home. Our travel vehicle rental offers a large selection of different motorhomes, campers and 4x4 safari campers at fair prices - see for yourself!

South Africa - General

South Africa - a country on the southern tip of the African continent that is home to several very different ecosystems. The inland Kruger National Park safari destination is home to large wildlife. In the Western Cape there are beaches, lush vineyards around Stellenbosch and Paarl, rugged cliffs on the Cape of Good Hope, forests and lagoons along the Garden Route and Cape Town below Table Mountain. The cuisine in the wine region and the fantastic price / performance ratio are unparalleled.

Follow Global Petrol Prices for South Africa for current prices of gas and diesel.

The travel website Lonely Planet South Africa provides more detailed information.

The following Travel Guide contains more information about South Africa.

South Africa - Camping

In South Africa you can find everything your heart desires, from beautiful holiday resorts to simple campgrounds. Wild camping in the beautiful wilderness is also very popular.

The following Camping Guide provides a list of camping sites.

South Africa - Nature

South Africa has a variety of plants and animals that other countries can only dream of. The flora is one of the most biodiverse on earth. Almost a tenth of all known flowering plants, around 24,000 species, can be found throughout the country. That is more than occurs in all of Europe. At the extreme south-western tip of the country there is even a flora of its own, the Cape flora (Capensis).

Get more information in this Guide to National Parks in South Africa.

Route Suggestions
We have put together a selection of route suggestions to help you explore South Africa with a motorhome, 4x4 off-road-camper or Safari-camper. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will receive the vehicle selection for the selected travel route. 4x4 off-road-camper rental in Botswana - made easy.
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