Terms and Conditions

Following terms and conditions apply to rentals of recreational vehicles, such as campervans and motorhomes.

Contractual relationship - Reservation by vehicle category

WORLD WIDE WHEELS deals vehicles in the name of the partner agencies on site. All rental contracts are between the hirer and the partners on site. Reservation is only possible by vehicle category and not for specific models. The mentioned vehicles are a typical example of the vehicles of the particular category. The renter on site reserves the right to hand over a vehicle of a higher category if the selected category is unavailable.

Changes to reservation

Should you require an extension to your running reservation please contact WORLD WIDE WHEELS AG at least 3 weeks before the rental agreement ends. Otherwise, our partners will charge the local tariffs and conditions according to them. We are not able to interfere. The alteration to a booked vehicle category on site occurs to local tariffs and conditions. You are not entitled to a refund if you return a vehicle ahead of schedule, if the takeover is delayed due to a fault on your behalf or if you decide not to make use of the vehicle. All changes to the booking due to flight details, arrival times etc. have to be forwarded to WORLD WIDE WHEELS AG as soon as possible as otherwise we cannot guarantee you a vehicle.


The vehicle is definitely booked once we have sent you the confirmation. 1st and 2nd payment is due according to the payment terms on the invoice.

Cancellation of reservation

We only accept cancellations in written form by e-mail and consider them valid once you receive our confirmation by email. For further conditions, see the confirmation.

Exclusion of liability

WORLD WIDE WHEELS AG is not liable for reservations which our partner refuse due to lack of correct documents/information from the hirer. For example: invalid driver's license, a driver's license which does not correspond to the vehicles hired, non-observance of minimum and or maximum age limits.

Customer Service

If difficulties arise on site, the hirer has immediately to contact the pick-up location station or the head office of the rental company. This if information you find on the voucher, which you receive after full payment). Should this not be sufficient to resolve the issue, please directly contact WORLD WIDE WHEELS AG.


The hirer needs to put down a deposit at the pick-up, either with a credit card or in cash. This deposit usually deposit will be reimbursed after termination of the rental without any claims remaining.

Special Equipment

Child seats, roof racks etc. can be offered for many different locations. Please note that the safety standards of child seats in the southern hemisphere is not comparable to European standards. WORLD WIDE WHEELS AG recommends that you take your own child seats with you.

Driver's Age

For most countries, the minimum age for a driver is 21. Conditions vary in each country and for each rental company. Terms and conditions of the rental company apply according to the rental confirmation.

Driver's License

The driver needs to be in the possession of a valid driver's license for at least one year for most rental companies. Terms and conditions of the rental company apply according to the rental confirmation. For the pick-up a valid driver’s licence, passport or identity card and as well a valid credit card (on the same name) is required.

Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is in partner's country

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