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world Chile – General

Chile – country of extreme. Occupying a long, narrow strip of land between Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean, labyrinth of islands and six-thousander. Atacama Desert, the dryest desert of the world in the northern part. “Valle Central” region for good wine and exotic fruits. Carretera Austral with active volcacnos and tropical forests. Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego is dominated by ice and the world of glaciers.

nature Chile – Nature

Chile has approx. 80 nature reserves. Cactus can be found up to 3400 m height. Guanako, chinchilla and if you are very lucky the puma, are found in the region of the steppes. In the Andes Mountains Vikunjas, huemul and the condor, one of the biggest bird of the world, can be seen. Pelican in the big salt lakes, Humboldt penguin, Patagonian sea lion in the north and Magellanic penguin in the south.

camping Chile – Camping

“Wild Camping” is allowed on public terrain. Most of the campgrounds are very basic, if with little facilities. They compensate by the fact that they are situated in the most extraordinary setting. Rates for campgrounds in the Nationalparks such as Torre del Paine can reach up to as expensive as an overnight in a 3-star hotel, depending on the facilities. During high season we recommend to pre reserve popular and campgrounds in the Nationalparks.


Soon you will find here some road suggestions, which will help you putting together your itinerary for your travels to Chile.

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  • Magic of the desert and wine region - 29 days - from/to Santiago de Chile

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Santiago de Chile – the heart of Chile, capital between ocean and Andean Mountains – Arica, Iquique, Calam, San Pedro de Atacama & Antofagasta – gateway to Atacama Desert – Osorno in sight of vulcano Osorno, active but minor – Pucon on Lake Villarrica and active volcano Villarrica – Puerto Montt harbour city – Puerto Natales gateway to Torres Del Paine National Park – Punta Arenas on Brunswick Peninsula and north of Strait of Magellan – Valparaiso – colonial and important harbour city with historical quarter