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The Outback in Australia

The number of those who would like to go on long-distance trips again is large. Unfortunately, many destinations are still not accessible for tourists. This also applies to Australia. As soon as the country opens up again, a run on this popular travel destination can be expected.

One area that has attracted many travelers to Australia is the outback, and that's what this article is about.

About the outback

The outback is understood to mean those regions that are far from civilization. They take up almost three quarters of the total land area in Australia. And who knows how big Australia is, can imagine that the outback is simply gigantic. Of course, being far away from civilization does not mean that nobody lives there. But the metropolises are close to the coast, where the climate is more welcoming than in the outback. Most of the western outback is extremely hot and dry. Temperatures of over 50 degrees are not uncommon in the west. Nor is it that it has not rained for several years. The outback in Queensland, on the other hand, is extremely humid and consists of large areas of untouched, tropical rainforest.

The best developed areas here are the top end and Kakadu National Park, the deserts of the Red Center where Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park is located, named for Uluru, the red rock you might find as Ayers Rock know. The outback turns out to be diverse and beautiful, fascinating and sometimes terrifyingly lonely. No wonder, then, that many strive to discover this world. Incidentally, the Aborigines have lived in the outback for 10,000 years. These are the native people of Australia.

What do you use to explore the outback?

In any case with an all-wheel drive vehicle. Because either you are dealing with very sandy, barren landscapes or with almost impassable rainforest. Getting stuck is not recommended. Those who rent a motorhome or a camper are best on the move. That way you always have everything you need with you - and also a night's lodging. This saves the annoying search from one day to the next and also saves money. If you have booked it in advance, you can pick up your motorhome after landing in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth. A takeover is also possible in Alice Springs, Broome or Darwin - this is the quickest way to get to the outback. That makes the undertaking uncomplicated and convenient. The ideal travel route should be roughly planned beforehand so that you know how long you will be on the road. The details usually arise on the way.

Route Suggestions
We have compiled a selection of route suggestions supporting you to plan your trip. Australia you can explore ideally with a motorhome, campervan, 4x4 bushcamper, or camper-van. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will receive our vehicle selection for the selected route.
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