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Rent a motorhome in Marrakech - the beautiful country of Morocco offers you many surprises

Desert, cities, country and culture - Morocco, the pearl of North Africa. Enjoy freedom with the Motorhome. Our travel vehicle rental offers you a large selection and affordable prices - see for yourself!

Morocco - General

Morocco - the pearl of the Orient - is often underestimated. The kingdom in northwest Africa has a lot to offer. From historic cities with colorful souks to long sandy beaches to spectacular mountain ranges or the Sahara - Morocco knows how to inspire

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The following Travel Guide contains more information about Morocco.

The travel website Lonely Planet Morocco provides more detailed information.

Morocco - Camping

The camping infrastructure in Morocco is very good. There are lots of ways to spend a great time there with your Motorhome. In addition to the pleasant climate, this is one of the reasons why many spend the winter in Morocco. Standing alone in lonely regions is also not a problem. The only region in which you should not be free is the Rif Mountains. Moroccan campsites are usually very simple and spartan. If you are traveling in large tourist areas, the campsite can be quite luxurious. The more rural it gets, the easier it will be. However, there is everything you need.

Morocco - Nature

Despite its often very barren landscape, Morocco has a rich fauna and diverse flora. From the coastal areas in the northwestern part of the country to the first foothills of the Atlas Mountains, there is Mediterranean-style vegetation: cork oaks, olive trees, jujubes and argania grow in flat plains.

Get more information in this Guide to National Parks in Morocco.

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