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Round trip with the campervan on the east coast of Sweden

Anyone who thinks that a round trip in a camper van is something that can only be done in old age, when the children have left the house, is not quite right. Today we show you a tour that can be a relaxing adventure for the whole family. Namely, by choosing the east or south-east coast of Sweden as a domicile.

Sweden as a travel destination

Sweden is a very interesting travel destination. Why? It is huge and correspondingly versatile. From beautiful sea coasts to wild and romantic lakes inland, to vibrant cities with culture and nightlife, everything you could wish for is there. Sweden is around a third larger than Germany. The capital Stockholm is also the largest city. Around 10 million people live in this country. So it's not exactly what you would call densely populated. But life here is of a very high standard. The prices are therefore correspondingly high. A little warning on the side. Sweden is part of the EU. However, payment is not made in euros, but in Swedish crowns. 100 Swedish kroner is about 8.50 euros or 8.50 Swiss francs.

The east coast of Sweden

Let's start our journey in the south, in Malmö. Because from here begins a beautiful, long stretch of coast that runs along the Baltic Sea. The first stage could end in Karlskrona, for example, where the many offshore islands provide a beautiful panorama. Your tour could continue towards Stockholm. You pass Kristianopel, Broms, Bergkvara. Then it's on via Kalmar to Oskarshamn, an idyllic little town in the province of Smaland. A wildly romantic lake landscape begins here, which will accompany you for many kilometers - namely to Norrköping. Then it's back out to the coast and then all the way to Stockholm.

If you are there once, you should definitely treat yourself to a few days. Because the metropolis is worth seeing and offers something for everyone.

Now the crucial question is how much time you have planned. Do you still have enough time? Then follow the coast further, via Uppsala to Söderhamn, then turn inland and choose a route back. If you have less time, you should set out from Stockholm in the direction of Örebro and let the charm of the interior work on you via Jönköping. There are numerous wonderful campsites and bathing opportunities at the larger lakes before it ends in Malmö again.

Route Suggestions
We have compiled a selection of route suggestions supporting you to explore Sweden with a motorhome or campervan. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will be given the vehicle selection for the selected tour route.
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