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Greece - mountains, monasteries and ancient cities

While the cold season has us firmly under control, many of us are already wondering where we could go on our next vacation. How do we travel? By car? By plane? Or do we even want to book a cruise? Everyone has it Spoiled for choice. Those who opt for a vacation in Greece have several options. Some opt for an all-inclusive club vacation, fly to the island of their choice, have a shared transfer to the hotel and spend the entire vacation there. But because Not everyone is satisfied with seeing only one hotel complex on an entire island, there are still other ways to spend their vacation. A rental car is one option. This is particularly suitable when the island is small. Let's take that The island of Ios as an example. The island is small enough to be explored on one or two day trips. If you try something similar in Rhodes or Crete, you will fail miserably. These islands are too great Horse. But what do you do? With a rental car from city to city and from hotel to hotel? This is really not for everyone.

It is similar with mainland Greece. How can you go about exploring Athens and the extremely tempting coastlines in northeastern Greece in one vacation? Difficult? No, not difficult. Rent a mobile home. Whether on the Greek mainland or one of the large islands. World Wide Wheels offers you the option of renting motorhomes of various sizes for exactly the time you need them - and where you need them. You don't have to rent it in Switzerland, Austria or Germany and travel to Greece with it. Fly to Athens and transfer at the airport. For example, in about 9-10 days you can do a round trip from / to Athens through the Peloponnese. For example, the cities of Kalamata, Olympia, Delphi and Tripoli are on your route. Coasts, mountains, monasteries, cities and medieval treasures are waiting to be explored. To a certain extent, you have your own mobile home with you. Save yourself the hassle of finding a hostel for the next night. Just check into the motorhome you rented for this time. There is no easier and comfier way. At the end of the tour, you return it at the airport. Have we piqued your interest? Then it's best to find out more about your dream trip today. You will be amazed at how cheap and flexible the trip can be.

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We have compiled a selection of route suggestions supporting you to explore Greece in an ideal way with the motorhome or campervan. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will be given the vehicle selection for the selected tour route.
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