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Explore the southern states of the USA in a motorhome

The USA, the land of opportunity. That's how you know it. And that doesn't just mean the American's dream of going from rags to riches. No, the USA is huge, expansive, varied and exciting. If you have the goal of discovering the entire USA, it will probably take you around a year. Here we will reduce ourselves to a feasible section - we will give ideas for a tour through the southern states of the USA.

The southern states of the USA

The United States of America consists of 50 states. They cover an area of almost 10 million square kilometers. At the same time, relatively few people live here – considering the immense area. There are “only” around 330 million. Of course, the global language spoken is English, paid for in US dollars, although one dollar is currently worth about the same as the Swiss franc or the euro. The standard is high. Americans are hospitable anyway. There is a lot to discover. Because everything is there, from bitterly cold areas to the desert, as well as sea coasts, tropical forests, barren canyons, gigantic national parks... there is something for every taste.

Which are the southern states that we are discussing here? Let's start in the central south, Texas. To the west follow the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. You probably know everyone by name. These are worthwhile destinations for your tour.

Where to go with the motorhome?

To start the trip we choose - this is of course subjective - Atlanta, the largest city in Georgia. There is a logistical reason for this: it is a globally respected hub. The airport is easily accessible. You can pick up your motorhome here for the duration of your rental. The city itself is a vibrant metropolis with culture, nightlife and everything that goes with it. It also happens to be the “birthplace” of Coca-Cola. If you are looking for a cultural highlight, you should travel on to Savannah. That's around 400 km and you're immediately in a lovingly maintained, ancient town that invites you to take a stroll. Less than 200 km further and you are in Charleston, a city that offers a lot of insight into the era of slavery. How about Cherokee, North Carolina? You may know the name. We just say: Cherokee Indians. Adjacent there is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Other recommended stops on your trip could be: Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans or Miami Beach. If you like, you can easily invest 4 weeks without getting bored.

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