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Alaskan wilderness

What do you think of when people ask you about remote places? Of Siberia? OK. Is correct. North or South Pole? Right, too. But because these zones are almost deserted and pretty inhospitable, we want to avoid them. But which places are wildly romantic and beautiful and are on the American continent? Alaska. The youngest US state, which is actually not directly connected to the rest of the USA via the mainland. Alaska is such a place. What do you associate with Alaska? Winter. Snow. Ice. dog sled. reindeer. bears. A low population density. While you can't lure some of them out from behind the warm stove with these terms, all of this really irritates a large group of people. And that's why we want to take a closer look at Alaska as a travel destination.


A little more than 730,000 inhabitants live in the youngest and northernmost US state, which is almost 3 times the size of France with over 1,700,000 square kilometers. The capital is called Juneau. The state, which also includes the Aleutian Islands, which stretch almost as far as eastern Siberia, has a large geographical extent. That's why there are 3 time zones. In Alaska there is everything that makes a country multi-faceted. Mountains that reach up to more than 6,000 meters in height, unbelievably long stretches of coast to the polar sea and the Atlantic and volcanoes that are always active. Anyone who spends 2-3 weeks in Alaska can almost assume that they will experience at least one or two earthquakes or even a volcanic eruption in the country.

The climate also has almost everything up its sleeve. In the interior one enjoys a continental boreal climate (that is cold temperate), while in the Aleutians there is a partly sub-polar oceanic climate and in the west and north a polar tundra climate. The south and west are therefore not quite as cold, but are extremely rainy. 300 days of precipitation per year are not uncommon. The temperature record from 1971, when -62°C was measured at Prospect Creek shows that it can be very cold in Alaska. But sometimes there is heat. Around June 1915 with almost 38°C in Fort Yukon. Those who travel to Alaska should therefore prepare well and plan for the climate.

The top travel destinations to experience wilderness

For a possible round trip you ideally choose a rented motorhome and 2-3 weeks time. If you want to take advantage of the mildest season, you must travel between June and August, if you want to see the northern lights and are not deterred by the cold, you should travel between September and March. A little warning first: A round trip in Alaska automatically means covering large distances and distances. It's a unique experience through the wilderness. The following route will be over 2,000 miles long. You will be behind the wheel for around 30 hours. Anchorage - Talkeetna - Denali National Park - Fairbanks - Wrangell-St. Elias National Park - Valdez - Kenai Fjords National Park - Homer - Anchorage. Find inspiration on the Internet about what these properties have to offer and then plan your route. Rarely will you experience so much wild romance up close as here.

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