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What do you think of when you hear Costa Rica? papayas? bananas? Pineapple? Or just a paradisically beautiful country in Central America that lies between the Caribbean and the Pacific? The name of the country comes from the Spanish – rich coast, which means literally translated. And indeed there is a grain of truth in it. Because Costa Rica is probably the most progressive country in Latin America, which not only shines because of a colorful flora and fauna, but also sets completely modern impulses. First of all, it is one of the very few states with practiced neutrality on the American continent, secondly, almost 100% of its energy comes from renewable sources. But you wouldn't be in Central America here if you weren't also confronted with very traditional locals. And that results in a wonderful mix of tradition and modernity, which guarantees a breathtakingly exciting to kitschy romantic holiday.

Numbers about Costa Rica

So that Costa Rica does not remain a completely unknown area for you, we want to put together a few figures. About 5 million people live in an area of ​​around 50,000 square kilometers. This results in a population density that is quite similar to that of Germany, Switzerland or Austria. You pay with colón, whereby one euro currently gets a little more than 700 colón. The capital is called San Jose. The climate is tropical, i.e. hot and very rainy - at least in some areas. Others are quite dry. Anyone traveling to Costa Rica should consider where they want to go. Because it can be quite unfavorable - for example, if you travel to the north-west between April and November. Then it is the rainy season here. In the south, which is already rainy, you should take a closer look and ideally vacation between January and April.

Where to travel? And with what?

Because the small country is very diverse, it is worth planning some time and planning an itinerary that includes everything you want to see and experience. That requires a certain flexibility. You have that when you are traveling with a camper. That means independence from hotels and the greatest possible comfort. If you rent a camper, you can pick it up at San José airport and start your round trip directly. A tour suggestion could look like this: Start in San José with intermediate destinations in La Fortuna with the Arenal Volcano and its thermal springs - Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui - Finca Surá Tirimbina Reserve - Guápiles - Tortuguero National Park - San José. This approximately 7-day tour offers a bit of everything. A beautiful mix that will inspire you.

Route Suggestions
We have compiled a selection of route suggestions supporting you to explore Costa Rica with a motorhome, 4x4 offroad-camper or campervan. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will be given the vehicle selection for the selected tour route. Motorhome rental in Chile made easy.
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