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Slovenia - a pearl between the Alps and the Adriatic

Have you ever been to Slovenia? It is a small country bordering Austria to the southeast, a link between Croatia and Central Europe. No, it is more than that. It is a holiday destination that has enough to offer to be interesting for travelers from all over Europe. Therefore our suggestion for the next vacation: a round trip in a motorhome through Slovenia.

About the country and its people

Slovenia is nestled between Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. Since ex-Yugoslavia was broken up, it has been one of many small states in the Balkans, and perhaps the most prosperous. 2 million people live here on a good 20,000 square kilometers. Ljubljana is the capital. The euro is the currency used for payment. The country is diverse and therefore offers appropriate offers for various interest groups. The Alps in the north, the Pannonian Plain on the border with Hungary and, in fact, there is also a stretch of coast to the sea that is almost 50 km long.

A varied vacation on a round trip

If you want to explore Slovenia, it is best to do so with a motorhome. That makes you flexible. You just travel to where you want to see and discover something. Slovenia is too diverse to stay in one place for 3 weeks. And even if it is a small country, it is too big to start out from one point with many small day trips to explore all the interesting areas. If you like, you can of course travel with your own car. But isn't it too exhausting for you to look for and book new accommodation every day?

With the motorhome - as the name suggests, be mobile

The motorhome is the ideal means of travel. Look for campsites where you regularly plan short stays. Live your own life, maintain your daily routine decoupled from the regular breakfast times in hotels or guest houses. With the motorhome you are your own boss.

You can fly to the capital by plane. Ideally, your mobile home will be ready at the airport. Get on board, stow your luggage and off you go on the adventure. If you like, you should stay in Ljubljana for a few days and get to know the city in peace. If you are also interested in other beautiful cities, then Maribor and Novo Mesto are ideal. You should also treat yourself to a few days by the sea. The Adriatic is temptingly warm and always worth a visit, especially for families with small children. Portoroz is probably the most famous coastal and seaside resort in Slovenia. Book the motorhome in your desired size with the equipment of your choice for the desired duration and you will experience the most flexible and relaxing holiday you can imagine.

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