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Slovakia as Vacation Destination

Hand on heart. Not all of us have Slovakia on our radar as a holiday destination, let alone shortlisted it, right? The country has a lot to offer. We are therefore keeping an eye on Slovakia and have compiled a few facts and figures as well as interesting travel destinations for you.

About Slovakia

Slovakia is part of the EU and borders the following countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. It is therefore on the “edge of the center of the EU” and offers very high standards on the one hand and relatively low prices on the other. This is of course also attractive, especially if you know what there is to discover here.

The official language of the country is Slovak. Almost 5.5 million people live in an area of ​​almost 50,000 square kilometers. The euro is the currency for payment. The capital Bratislava, with around 450,000 inhabitants, is not far from the Austrian border. Other large cities are Košice (Kaschau), Prešov (Eperies), Žilina (Sillein), Banská Bystrica (Neusohl) and Nitra (Neutra). These offer a pulsating nightlife on the one hand and historical and cultural highlights on the other, which are of course always worth a trip.

Where to go in Slovakia

The country is similar in size to Switzerland. If you want to explore several areas, a camper or motorhome is very good on the move. A round trip by car, looking from hotel to hotel, is possible, but of course involves a lot more organization. The mobile home, on the other hand, offers the best opportunities to enjoy a relaxing holiday. You can pick up your vehicle at Bratislava Airport or at the capital's train station. This is the ideal starting point for the tour.

It doesn't matter whether you drive clockwise or in the opposite direction. The route could, for example, lead from Bratislava via Nitra, Zvolen, Lucenec to Kosice. Then north to Presov, via Poprad, Mikulas, Zilina and Trencin back again. We recommend marking small highlights in advance that justify a detour. The top sights are not to be missed. In our opinion, the city of Bratislava is an indisputable fixed point. The High Tatras, the "little Alps of Slovakia", invite you to go on wonderful hikes. Or do you want to experience something wildly romantic? The Dobsiná ice cave in the northeast of the country enchants visitors with an underground world of ice. If you are traveling in the border area with Poland, you should plan a stopover in the Pieninen National Park. If it is warm enough, you should treat yourself to a raft trip. Of course, you shouldn't miss the culinary highlight either. It's the national dish, Bryndzové halusky (Brimsennocken in German), served with bacon and sour cream. If you want to walk in the footsteps of the Middle Ages, you have to plan for Spiš Castle. Oh, there are still so many beautiful destinations to be mentioned. Which are your favorites? No idea. We only know one thing for certain: if you want to see a lot of them, you should rent a motorhome.

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