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Motorhome - purchase, leasing or rental?

Do you like to travel and want to experience a lot? When you have had enough of package tours that end up in some concrete bunker near the beach or as pre-made bus or boat trips, you will end up with your mind games traveling with a motorhome and - after you have got the taste for it - ask yourself the question of all the questions: Should we buy or rent a motorhome? To do this, let's go over a few considerations.

Question 1: How often do you travel with the motorhome?

Unless you travel three times a year and then for several weeks, the answer in this regard should always be “Rent!” Why? It is only worth buying if you make a lot of use of your own motorhome. A well-equipped motorhome costs about the same as a luxury car. Is also due to the fact that it offers a lot of comfort. After all, you live in it for a while. And they drive it. So it is both a powerful vehicle and a small home with comfort. Do you have the necessary “change” to buy a motorhome that offers the luxury you want? Renting, on the other hand, is not that expensive. If we think about a trip through Spain and want to be on the road for ten days, we can get a mobile home for as little as EUR 800.

Question 2: Where do you want to go?

Are you only traveling in Europe? Then buying your own motorhome would also be an option. But if you want to travel through the USA, South America or even Australia every now and then, you'd better forget about it. Moving the motorhome to another continent is immensely expensive and takes a lot of time and organization. You should definitely consider renting here.

What else speaks in favor of the rental option

If you are the owner, you will need to find a shelter for the time you are not on the road. You have to complete (and finance) the periodic examinations, also of course take out insurance for the motorhome and pay the motor vehicle taxes. You shouldn't forget regular maintenance in the garage, unexpected repairs, the replacement of wearing parts such as tires or brakes and that the vehicle loses its value considerably over the years. With this money you can already plan your next motorhome vacation.

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