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Luxembourg – small but nice

The planning for the next holiday is already in full swing for most of them. Where will the journey go this year? The family classic – enjoying the endless sandy beaches of the Adriatic with the kids? Explore the wild and romantic north of Europe without kids? Or how about a colorful mix of city and country - without the sea, but with culture? Then we have Luxembourg as an insider tip for you!

About Luxembourg

Interestingly, very few think that Luxembourg can be an interesting holiday destination. The classic holiday destinations on the Mediterranean, the Aegean or the North and Baltic Seas are too big and well-known. Therefore, it is time that we turn our attention to the small country that lies between Germany, Belgium and France. It is just over 2,500 square kilometers in size. For comparison - that is about three times the area of Berlin. Except that not nearly as many people live in Luxembourg. There are about 650,000. They speak either Luxembourgish, French or German. Prosperity is very pronounced. The standard of living exceptionally good. You will certainly not lack for anything on a holiday in Luxembourg.

Big enough for a round trip

Even if Luxembourg is not exactly huge - the north-south extension is around 80 km and the east-west extension around 55 km, a round trip is definitely worth considering. Because there are not only a large number of campsites here, they are also very well equipped and offer every comfort.

Luxembourg is a popular travel destination mainly because of the beautiful landscape and unspoiled nature. For example, do you already know the Müllerthal hiking trail? You should visit it. It is a total of 112 km long and offers sections for every level of ability. Whether gorges, castles, beautiful rocks, heavenly stretches of forest and inviting vineyards - everything is there.

But all this is a few kilometers away from the capital Luxembourg. If you don't want to stay here in one of the rather expensive hotels and wander into the distance every day, you are better off with a mobile home. Especially since a mobile home does not rule out a visit to the city of Luxembourg with its historic core and the Grand Ducal Palace. The mobile home offers a flexibility that cannot be achieved in any other way. If you don't have one yourself, like most of us, you can rent one. You choose one of the right size for the desired period, a pick-up and return location and you get it including insurance at absolutely fair conditions. You already have mobile accommodation. Then all you have to do is think about what you want to see in Luxembourg.

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