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Latvia - the center of the Baltic States

What do you associate with "Latvia"? What are your first thoughts when you hear the name of the Baltic state? "Ex-Soviet Union"? "EU member"? "Riga"? “Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest?” There are many different associations and all of them are correct. In fact, Latvia is not yet a top travel destination for us and therefore not on everyone's lips. So let's go into a few facts and at least introduce Latvia a little more closely.

Latvia is the central state of the Baltic States, bordering Lithuania and Estonia, as well as Belarus and Russia. Since 2004 the country has been a member of the EU and, at the same time, of the euro zone. Any currency conversion problems are therefore flat for vacationers. Visas and the like are a thing of the past, as well as the time when Latvia was still part of the Soviet Union (until 1991). In Latvia, spread over an area of ​​64,589 square kilometers, there are a little less than 2 million people who speak Latvian and partly Russian. The capital and largest city is Riga with 700,000 inhabitants. The Riga agglomeration is also the most populous agglomeration of all three Baltic states (a total of approx. 1 million inhabitants). The old Hanseatic city is famous for the distinctive Art Nouveau architecture. The city center and the old town of Riga are particularly worth seeing.

Above all, Latvia offers holidaymakers relaxation and nature. The moraine hill country is home to many lakes and a long, poorly indented coastal plain. However, due to the rather cool climate, they are not ideal for swimming. In summer the temperature is on average between 16 and 17 degrees. The annual average temperature is only 6 degrees. For comparison: in Switzerland it is between 7 and 12 degrees, depending on the location. Those who are insensitive can still go swimming in summer - on the Baltic Sea. With a bit of luck, the water temperature near the coast can reach up to 25 degrees, which is due to ocean currents and the shallow water.

The nature lover will have a lot of fun in Latvia, because wild animals can be observed comparatively easily. Deer, roe deer, rabbits, wild boar, foxes, elk, wolves, lynxes, brown bears, bison, beavers, ... this is just an excerpt of the wild animals found here. Thanks to national parks and protected nature areas!

The motorhome is the perfect choice for a trip to Latvia. How else would it be possible to be so flexible? If you start your tour in Riga, you can only settle in in the metropolis and get to know the country and its people. Because Riga is on the coast and at the same time reasonably central in the country, it is the perfect starting point for a round trip that you will never forget - to the north to Valmiera, to the east to Gaising, to the south to Daugavpils or to the west to Ventspils. We wish you a lot of fun!

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