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Hungary - not only a culinary hit

Do you belong to the large group of world explorers who prefer to travel to Central Europe? Do you like to stay flexible? Bored of all-inclusive holidays by the sea? A destination “within reach”, without a long flight, but with a motorhome would be something that appeals to you? Then we have a tip for you. How about a tour of Hungary?

Hungary is an insider tip

Especially in times like these, when Corona is inhibiting the desire to travel, countless adventurous people are looking for destinations that can be visited with a manageable risk. And at the same time you should get something out of it. For example beautiful stretches of land, mountains and hikes or large lakes that invite you to linger - and last but not least ancient or particularly lively cities. Hungary is an extremely hospitable country known for its inexpensive and varied culinary delights. But not only that. The country and its people form a unit that ensures a relaxing holiday. If there is mass tourism at all, then it is in individual places on Lake Balaton. But the thought of the beautiful capital Budapest is perhaps much more tempting than sunbathing in Siofok on Lake Balaton.

A few facts about Hungary

Hungary has a lot to offer. Let's start with a few facts and figures. The area is similar to that of Austria. The population is also in the same range. Hungarian is spoken. Hungarian forints are used to pay. Because the purchasing power of the euro is much higher than that of the forint, this makes a vacation in Hungary quite inexpensive.

What could a tour of Hungary look like?

The capital Budapest attracts many tourists from home and abroad. A visit lasting several days is definitely advisable. Would you like to go on a pure Budapest city break? D rather not. It is better to rent a mobile home and explore larger areas with it. This mobility is what makes a vacation so relaxing.

Nevertheless, start the tour in the capital. Then set goals that seem interesting to you. How about the cities of Gyor, Kaposvar or Pecs or the picturesque Godollo? Are you a fan of beautiful natural landscapes? Then you should definitely include the Tisza River or the Nagyerdei Park as a stopover in your itinerary. The Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Lillafured and Diosgyör Castle are some of the most amazing sights and landmarks. A visit to the Szeged Zoo is also worthwhile.

To make a round trip in Hungary, two things are recommended. First, 3-4 weeks and second, a rented motorhome. This means that you are flexible and well equipped in every respect.

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