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England - gentle nature and lively metropolises

England is part of Great Britain. More precisely, the southeastern part of the main island of the kingdom. It is delimited in the north of Scotland and in the west of Wales and the Irish Sea. A good 55 million people live in the island state, which is mostly flat or at most slightly hilly. London is the capital of the country. This is where Queen Elizabeth II sits enthroned and resides with her court. The metropolis is also THE magnet for tourists visiting the island. But not only London - the cosmopolitan city on the Thames - attracts visitors with its numerous attractions such as Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, etc., the rest of the mainland also develops its own charm. These areas are particularly popular with those who want to explore the wild and romantic, gently rolling areas and enjoy the varied stretches of coastline.

Travel to England

Anyone who travels to England and wants to see more than “just” London should rent a motorhome. The mobile home is the ideal companion. Home and vehicle in one. You can't travel more flexibly. Especially since the area is neither particularly mountainous nor criss-crossed by any wild gorges. Because the island is green through and through, you don't have to be afraid of deserts or the like. The highest mountain in England is less than 1000 meters. So there is no need for an off-road vehicle or the like. A comfortable motorhome is therefore the first choice. The motorhome allows flexible travel planning. You determine when and where. You are independent of hotels, motels and apartments. You always have your accommodation with you. And all at a very fair price.

Plan time and enjoy!

If you can, you should take a little more time. Because England is big. Then you have more of it. By the way, the main travel season is from April to October. The winters are milder than here in Central Europe, but they are uncomfortably humid and the weather is often gray on gray. Not exactly inviting for a country discovery.

The most likely of all tours begins in London. Pick up your pre-reserved motorhome at the airport. Most of our landlords offer a handover location there. Load it up. Then it starts. “Must see” places for world explorers in England? These are the coastal cities in the south (Brighton, Eastbourne) or in the west (Plymouth, Bristol). Cultural highlights can be found in Oxford, Cambridge or Liverpool. Not to be forgotten, of course, is Stonehenge (near Salisbury, around 2 hours by car from London). It is true that one can no longer get in touch with the monument as such for a long time. You still have to feel the mystical flair.

Route Suggestions
We have compiled a selection of route suggestions supporting you to explore England with a motorhome or campervan. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will be given the vehicle selection for the selected tour route.
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