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The People's Republic of Cuba is a popular holiday destination for all those who want to discover the charm of the Caribbean. Have you heard of Cuba many times, but you don't know anything about this wonderful holiday destination? We are happy to help.

About Cuba

Cuba is a real socialist island state in the Caribbean Ocean. Cuba is a good double the size of Switzerland, has 11 million inhabitants and thus a little more than Switzerland. Spanish is spoken primarily, and the Cuban peso or convertible peso is used to pay. There are two currencies - the convertible peso is directly pegged to the US dollar. So one tries to ensure stability, growth and prosperity through connection with the USA. In fact, the island nation's average prosperity is increasing. Unfortunately, Cuba is not one of the more prosperous countries. Perhaps that is precisely why Cuba is so interesting and attractive for tourists.

Discovering Cuba means getting to know the country, the people and their culture. Nature is heavenly, the climate is tropical. Those who prefer the dry season should travel between November and April, those who have no problem with the hot and humid weather can also fly there from May to October. But be careful: when summer ends, the hurricane season is looming. And you don't want to experience hurricanes while on vacation.

Discover Cuba

Those who travel to Cuba can fly there or take a ship from the USA. In principle, everything in Cuba is driven by private transport. Public transport is not what a tourist would like it to be. A rental car, mobile home or camper are definitely the better choice if you have not just booked an all-inclusive vacation in the club. But we don't assume that. Because on a club holiday you don't see anything of the wonderful country or the people. A tour of Cuba could be the most beautiful experience you can dream of. The question is whether you want to book hotels on an ongoing basis or whether you rent a camper and go on a trip with it.

The camper is ready at the airport

If you book through us, your camper will be ready for you when you land at the airport. Then it is time to pick up the keys, bring the luggage in and off through the middle. On to the first goal. The tour then typically starts in Havana, the capital. If you like, you can spend a few days in the metropolis and then continue the tour. Most tourists are drawn to the southeast. The Cienage de Zapata National Park is a fixed point, as is the beautiful city of Sancti Spiritus or, in the far south, the coastal town of Santiago de Cuba. There are many stretches of coastline that are worthwhile excursion destinations. Take your time, you have it. You don't have to win a race. You have the mobile home with you. It couldn't be more convenient - that's the way to enjoy a vacation.

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