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Canada, paradise for nature lovers

Anyone who has had enough of city trips that literally sore their feet, who is too adventurous to roast in the sun in Corfu or Crete, who loves nature and the vast country and has a lot of time - should choose Canada as a travel destination.

Canada - vast land, untouched nature

Quite a few people who visit overseas explore the coasts of America. It is not for nothing that there are now many providers who offer tours along the east coast of the USA, through the metropolises of New York and Washington or along the west coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles and inland to Las Vegas. If you are looking for nature and relaxation here, you will usually search in vain. These round trips are characterized by vibrant cities. If you want to enjoy more nature, you should start your tour a few thousand kilometers further north - in Canada. The country is simply gigantic and rich, well and preferably 10 times as big as Germany, almost as big as the whole of Europe, with not even half as many inhabitants as Germany. The standard of living is high. Because English is spoken almost everywhere in addition to French, you will rarely have communication problems.

Because of its immense size, Canada also has everything to offer that one can imagine: mountains, huge lakes (such as the Great Bear Lake or the Great Slave Lake), connection to the Pacific and Atlantic, flat and steep, rugged coasts, volcanoes , huge forests, impressive glaciers, heavenly fjords, but also extremely modern cities such as Vancouver ... This list can be expanded at will. Depending on where you are, the climate can be polar or moderate, as is the case here, for example. If you wanted to explore Canada as a whole, you would probably need months or even years. In order to travel there for a vacation, you should plan some time and think well in advance what you want to see and experience.

Experience nature with the mobile home

If someone wants to travel to metropolises and visit cities, an airplane is probably the best means of travel. In Canada, however, the pristine nature is in the foreground. There are few countries in the world that are as rich in forests and lakes as Canada. That's why renting a motorhome is worthwhile. A non-binding recommendation is - if you have a good 3 weeks to spare - a round trip from / to Vancouver. It covers around 4,300 km and leads, for example, over the Fraser Canyon, Mount Revelstoke National Park, Glacier & Yoho National Park, Icefields Parkway, Maigne Lake, the 100 Mile House, and much more.This tour is particularly suitable for families. Thanks to the motorhome, you can travel relaxed and at your own pace. You set the itinerary yourself. If you like something particularly, just stay an extra day. To do this, you skip something that you don't like. Because of hotels etc. fortunately you are independent.

Route Suggestions
We have compiled a selection of route suggestions supporting you to explore Canada with a motorhome or 4x4 truck-camper or campervan. Simply enter the desired departure date and you will be given the vehicle selection for the selected tour route.
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