Festland, Lefkada & Chalkidiki – 14 Tage – ab/bis Thessaloniki

Festland, Lefkada & Chalkidiki – 14 Tage – ab/bis Thessaloniki


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Höhepunkte dieser Reise: Thessaloniki – Vergina – Dion – Kalambaka – Metéora Klöster – Delphi – Olympia – Preveza – Lefkada – Vikos Gorge – Kastoria – Pella – Chalkidiki

1. Tag: Thessaloniki

Pick-up your motorhome or camper. Get to know your new home. Stop at the next supermarket and drive to the first campground. Time to visit Thessaloniki.

2. Tag: Thessaloniki - Vergina - Dion- Larissa - Kalambaka (ca. 315 km)

The excavation site of Vergina belong to the UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. Dion is an ancient city and religious centre of Macedonia.

3. Tag: Kalambaka - Metéora monastry – Delphi (ca. 240 km)

Kalambaka at the foot of the Pindus mountains is the beginning for a vistit of the Metéora-Monastery. Delphi was famous for its oracles in the pre-classical Greek world. Today the archaeological finds belong to the UNESCO World Heritage.

4. Tag: Delphi – Olympia (ca. 245 km)

After the visit of the excavation site of Delphi it's worth driving to Olympia where once the Olympic games took place.

5. Tag: Olympia – Preveza (ca. 316 km)

Preveza is the starting point for a visit of the island Lefkada.

6. Tag: Lefkada

Take a trip on the island of Lefkada, and enjoy a dip in the clear, warm sea.

7. Tag: Preveza - Ioannina -Zagorochoria with Vikos Gorge (ca. 215 km)

The Vikos gorge as the deepest Canyon in the world is registered in the Guinness Book of records. The maximum depth of the Canyon varies greatly and varies between 600 and 1000 meters.

8. Tag: Vikos-Schlucht – Kastoria (ca. 205 km)

The canyon is suitable for hikes

9. Tag: Kastoria - Edessa - Pella (ca. 140 km)

Pella was at the time of Alexander the great, the capital of Macedonia.

10. Tag: Pella – Thessaloniki – Chalchidiki – Sykia (ca. 266 km)

Journey through the beautiful landscapes of the Chalchidiki peninsula.

11. Tag: Chalchidiki

Enjoy the sea on one of the many beaches.

12. Tag: Chalchidiki

Discover the 3 arms (headlands) of the peninsula.

13. Tag: Sykia – Thessaloniki (ca. 150 km)

Ride back to Thessaloniki.

14. Tag: Thessaloniki

Return of the vehicle.