RV – buy or rent?

RV – buy or rent?

You like to travel and want to experience much? If you’ve had enough of travel packages offers that end in any bunkers near the beach or as preorganized bus or boat trips, then travelling with a motorhome is the answer. Then the question will be: buy or rent? Following are some considerations.

Question 1: How often you travel with a motorhome?

If you don’t travel three times a year and for several weeks, then the answer in this respect should always be: ‘Rent.’ Why? Only if you really make much use of an own RV, it’s worth to purchase. A well-equipped motor home costs about as much as a luxury car. It is also characterized by the fact that it offers a lot of comfort. It’s a small home with living comfort. If you have the necessary money – then why not. A rental, however, is not that expensive. A journey of 10 days in Spain for example is available from EUR 800.

Question 2: Where do you want to travel?

Do you travel mainly in Europe? Then a purchase could be the option. If you would like to travel as well to the US, South America or even Australia, then a purchase is not a good option. The transfer of the motorhome to another continent is immensely expensive and associated with a considerable time and organization of the needed paper. In this case you should only think of renting a vehicle.

What speaks as well for a rental

If you are the owner, you must worry about a parking for the time when you are not traveling. Periodic checks, yearly insurance costs, taxes need to be pay as well if you don’t use the vehicle. As well maintenance costs in the garage, unexpected repairs, replacement of broken tires or brakes … With this money, you can plan your next motorhome holiday rental.



Bild: MemoryCatcher / pixabay.com, CC0 Public Domain