Pure Nature of the South – 25 days – from Santiago de Chile to Punta Arenas

Pure Nature of the South – 25 days – from Santiago de Chile to Punta Arenas


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Hihglights of this trip: Santiago de Chile – Linares – National Parks Laguna de Laja, Naheulbuta and Conguillio – vulcano Lonquimay – National Park Huilo Huilo – San Martin de los Andes – Bariloche – Puyehue Pass – vulcano Osorno – Puerto Montt – National Park Hornopiren – Coyhaique – Cueva de los manos – Perito Moreno Glacier – Torre del Paine National Park – Punta Arenas

1. Day: Santiago de Chile

Übernahme vom Wohnmobil oder Camper. Lernen Sie Ihr neues Zuhause kennen. Halt im nächsten Supermarkt um sich kulinarisch einzudecken und Installation auf dem 1. Campingplatz. Besichtigung der Stadt. Nicht verpassen sollten Sie den Markt, die Plaza de Armas und die Fussgängerzone.

2. Day: Santiago – Talca (ca. 250 km)

Your journey leads through the wine region of Chile, passing many vineyards.

3. Day: Talca – Constitution – Linares - Chillán (ca. 155 km)

East of Linares, the Andes provide more wilderness than Europe all together. Glaciers, volcanoes, rainforests, lakes and endless hiking opportunities

4. Day: Chillán – Los Angeles (ca. 120 km)

Visit the Nationaparks of Laguna de Laja and Nahuelbuta

5. Day: Los Angeles – Curacautin (ca. 200 km)

Don't miss volcano Lonquimay and visit Conguillío Nationalpark.

6. Day: Curacautin – Temuco - Valdivia (ca. 260 km)

In the region of Temuco, the "German area" begins. Many German immigrants settled here in the 19th century.

7. Day: Valdivia – Huilo Huilo NP (ca. 165 km)

The nature in the rainforest of Valdivia is very worth seeing.

8. Day: Huilo Huilo NP

You have the possibility to take part in various organized excursions or hike independently on the many trails.

9. Day: Huilo Huilo NP – San Martin de los Andes (ca. 300 km)

Cross Lake Pirihueico by ferry and then cross the border to Argentina. In San Martin de los Andes, on the shores of Lago Lácar, you see the typical cypress forests.

10. Day: San Martin de los Andes – Bariloche (ca. 260 km)

Drive on the "road of the seven lakes" and reach the capital of the province of Rio Negro, Bariloche. Climb up to Cerro Otto and enjoy the unique view of the surrounding lakes.

11. Day: Bariloche – Puerto Varas (ca. 280 km)

Via Puyehue pass drive back to Chile.

12. Day: Puerto Varas – Puerto Montt (ca. 140 km)

Visit the Petrohué waterfalls on the way to the Todos los Santos Lake. From there drive up to Osorno Vulkan up. The road ends to 1'300 m height at a mountain lodge. The view of the surrounding volcanoes is unforgettable and amazing at the same time!

13. Day: Puerto Montt – Hornopiren (ca. 150 km)

Visit the seaside town on the Pacific coast. In the afternoon continue to Hornopiren.

14. Day: Hornopiren – La Junta (220 km)

Today visit the Hornopiren Nationalpark.

15. Day: La Junta – Puyuhuapi (ca. 350 km)

It's worth a trip to the pretty village of Futaleufu.

16. Day: Puyuhuapi

Visit the Queulat Nationalpark.

17. Day: Puyuhuapi – Coyhaique (ca. 280 km)

The journey takes you further South.

18. Day: Coyhaique – Chile Chico (ca. 380 km)

Often, this route is called the most beautiful of the whole country.

19. Day: Chile Chico – Lago Buenos Aires – Cueva de los manos – Perito Moreno NP (ca. 500 km)

Visit the "Cave of the hands", the oldest hand prints are more than 9300 years old, the youngest as well more than 3000 years old. Visit Glacier Nationalpark.

20. Day: Perito Moreno NP – Fitz Roy – Cerro Torre (ca. 300 km)

A hike to the Fitz Roy is an absolute must!

21. Day: Cerro Torres - Perito Moreno Gletscher – El Calafate (ca. 215 km)

The Perito Moreno glacier is one of the few glaciers still growing.

22. Day: El Calafate – Torres del Paine NP (ca. 400 km)

Another border crossing from Argentina to Chile.

23. Day: Torres del Paine NP

Take trip in the park, by foot, on a horseback or by bike. A visit to the lakes of Pehoe and Grey is worthwhile.

24. Day: Torres del Paine NP – Punta Tombo - Punta Arenas (ca. 350 km)

The natural reserve of Punta Tombo is home to one of the largest Penguin colonies in South America. Afterwards continue to Punta Arenas.

25. Day: Punta Arenas

Return of the vehicle.